Corina Burri standing in front of brick wall

Hey, I’m Corina. 👋

The short
I’m a senior digital marketing manager from Zürich. I’m particularly passionate about SEO and content marketing.

The long 🛤️
I started my career in the corporate world. I led communication campaigns and got to play with big budgets and work with numerous agencies.

Then I traveled the world and embarked on the adventure of being a freelance content writer. I ghostwrote blog articles, landing page copy, and once even 200 Tinder bios for an agency. You see, I really needed the money.

In 2018, I joined the awesome crowd at Ofri as a marketing lead and dove even deeper into the ever-changing, never-boring world of SEO and content marketing.

The biz 👩‍💻
Do you want to increase revenue through organic traffic? I audit your website and outline SEO opportunities. Drop me a line here or on LinkedIn to discuss your project.