ChatGPT for SEO: 7 Use Cases for Local SEO, Tech SEO, and On-Page SEO – With Prompts.

Last updated on July 19th, 2024.

When speaking to friends over summer break, almost every conversation touched AI: “How are you leveraging AI as a teacher / as a financial consultant / as a recruiter?”

So, I decided to sit down and document my favourite prompts for SEO. They touch all areas of SEO: Local SEO, Tech SEO, and On-Page SEO.

Further down, I also share when ChatGPT didn’t do the trick for me.

1. Local SEO: Create Google My Business description

Use case: You describe a business for Google My Business profile.

Prompt: Please create a description for a Google My Business listing for a dance school in Zürich. The school offers tango argentino in private and group classes. All teachers are certified dance instructors. Some received training in Argentina. Phone number: +41 xxx xx xx, Adress: Sample Street, 8005 Zürich. Please avoid emojis and use formal language. Add title and description. 3 paragraphs max.

screenshot of chatgpt for google my business description

Next step: Verify the information and edit the description. Then copy paste into the Google My Business profile.

2. Tech SEO: Create person schema

Use case: When you’re too lazy to head over to a schema generator, you can ask Chat GPT to write a person schema about a specific person.

Prompt: Write Person schema markup for Corina Burri. Schema will be implemented on Below is her description from the page: “I am a Digital Analytics & SEO lead and SEO freelancer from Zurich. My career began in the FMCG industry before moving on to tech and finance. The tech industry has influenced my work style, and I’ve embraced a lean and data-driven approach. I’m passionate about SEO and have contributed to publications such as SEOFOMO, Tech SEO Tips, and iPullRank.
Inclusion and Diversity are important to me, too. I am an active member of the Women in Tech SEO community and a certified Google #Iamremarkable Facilitator. Want to talk about business, SEO, or rare languages? I’m based in Switzerland but keen to meet people from all around the world. Please reach out. I work in English, German, Spanish, and French. And socialize in Catalan, Italian and Swedish, too.”

screenshot of chatgpt for schema

Next step: Take this as inspiration and verify all entries. My socials were off, for instance. I also suggest heading over to the documentation of person schema on to see what additional information you can add to the person schema.

3. On-page SEO: Find keyword modifiers and titles

Use case: You know the core topic of an article and need inspiration of keyword modifiers for title and subtitle.

Prompt: Please provide 10 keyword modifiers for “seo audit download”

screenshot of chat gpt for seo

Next step: Head over to your favourite keyword research tool, verify search volume and prioritise based on that.

4. Get help with CSS

Use case: You would like to add some basic CSS to your page and you’re not sure which property to use. Describe the desired action verbally and ChatGPT suggests you property and value.
Prompt: Which attribute should I add to the below code in order to add a frame?
#author-bio.clr {
background-color: green;

Next step: Try and error. I suggest backing up beforehand.

5. On-page SEO: Create a markdown table

Use case: Are you working with a CMS supporting markdown markup language? Creating tables can be tedious. ChatGPT to the rescue. With a simple prompt, you get a table ready to copy paste.

Prompt: Please create a markdown table with the following columns:
_Coloumn 1
_Coloumn 2
_Coloumn 3

Add three empty rows.

screenshot chatgpt for seo sample markdown table

Next step: Copy paste to your CMS.

6. SEO Consulting: Get summaries for presentations

Use case: Do you know the feeling when you know the core message but struggle with how to write it nicely? ChatGPT can inspire here. Describe the use case and the desired length of the summary. This is excellent for a summary after an SEO audit.

Prompt: I did an SEO audit and the website is in excellent shape. Please write a short summary for the presentation just for the tech seo part. It should be 3 sentences long.

Next step: Edit and add your personal touch.

7. On-page SEO: Capitalize headlines for articles

Use case: If you want to save a couple of seconds and automatically capitalize the headline of your next article.

Prompt: Please capitalize the below title:
How long does it take to learn SEO on your own?

Next step: Copy and paste into your CMS.

ChatGPT helps. But not always. When I’m not using AI for SEO

8. On-page SEO: Writing entire articles with AI

Use case: I have tried, but I’m not using ChatGPT for the creation of entire articles. I find that the articles sound general and lack wittiness.
And, especially when writing under my name, I want to give the writing a personal touch. I don’t think LLM can replicate that.

If you decide to use AI for article writing, add your critical thinking when editing. And pay attention to repetitions or hallucinations. (Hallucinations are outputs from AI that may sound plausible but are factually incorrect.)

Prompt: If you download AIRPM, there are dozens of pre-written prompts such as: “Generate 5000+ Words Article by Single Keyword.”

Use AI consciously

To wrap up, I would like to paraphrase the wise words of Natalie Kuster shared at the Zurich WordPress Meetup: It’s fast to generate output with AI. But add human judgment and be mindful of the impact it has.

How do you use ChatGPT for SEO? Please share in the comments. I’m keen to leverage the hell out of AI and control my FOMO.

Corina Burri

Corina is a SEO professional from Zürich. Since 2016 she's in SEO and has contributed to publications such as SEOFOMO, Tech SEO Tips, or iPullRank. When not grinding, she enjoys exploring Switzerland.

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