Free Excel Template for Your SEO Audit. One Click Download – No Sign-up Required.

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When doing an SEO Audit I run through a set of pre-defined questions. Over the past months, I have built and curated an Excel template. I use it as a checklist to document my findings and it is the basis to cluster my optimization ideas.

The SEO audit template contains:

  • Tool recommendation
  • specific instruction on how to use the tool
  • space for evaluation
  • space for remarks

It is for an inclusive SEO audit ranging from Crawling & Indexing, Security, Core Web Vitals, Content-Audit and Linkbuilding.

Download it here: template-seo-audit.xlsx

Hope it helps! Happy to receive any feedback and suggestions on the template.

Sidenote: How to find excel files on Google search

If you’re searching the web for a specific filetype, there is a handy search operator. Say, for instance, you’re looking for an excel template like mine here. Just type the following query in the search bar:

SEO Audit filetype:xlsx

Google will only return results with Excel files.

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