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Last updated on March 13th, 2024.

When doing an SEO Audit I run through a set of pre-defined questions. Over the past months, I have curated an Excel template to conduct an SEO audit. I use it as a checklist to document my findings and it is the basis to cluster my optimization ideas.

The template has columns for observations, tasks, and an estimated ranking impact. Ready to fill out for your client. See below:

But it’s also a cheat sheet on where to find the specific information. Sneak preview below:

The template has the following sections:

  • Tech SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

How to use this SEO Audit template

  1. Download the SEO Audit template for free.
  2. Change the logo and style to your liking.
  3. Follow the template, step-by-step. For more details on each line, make sure to check out the gray area where I give you instructions.
  4. Save and share with your client.
  5. If you can, buy me a coffee:
  6. Otherwise, please share some love on socials.

Are you more the Google Spreadsheet type of person? Don’t worry, got you covered. On this page I link to the Google Spreadsheet version of the SEO audit.

If you’re searching the web for a specific file type, there is a handy search operator. Say, for instance, you’re looking for an Excel template like mine here. Just type the following query in the search bar:

SEO Audit filetype:xlsx

Google will only return results with Excel files.

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