How Long Does It Take To Learn SEO on Your Own?

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In a previous article, I was sharing how I learned SEO. But how long did it take me to get a “good understanding”? I sat down and went through my Toggl time recordings.

The answer: It took me 2.5 weeks (94 hours) to get a hang on basic SEO.

And ever since I spend 4 hours weekly in order to keep up to date with recent changes.

Let’s derivate how much time I spent at each step:

StepWhat actions did I take?Hours spent initiallyHours spent per week
Step 1: SEO for beginners guidesRead two beginners guides.
MOZ guide: 7 hours
Google starter guide: 5 hours
 12 hours  
Step 2: Understand Content MarketingTake the Hubspot Content class and prepare for exam40 hours
Step 3: Understand the basics of website analyticsTook the free Google Analytics for Beginners class and creating trial reports8 hours
Step 4: Learn some HTML and CSSTook the HTML and CSS class at Cibernarium. Each 2 hours of class and 3 hours of self training per course10 hours
Step 5: Get your hands dirty – do a basic SEO auditConducted a SEO audit for a friend. It took me 3 working days.24 hours
Step 6: Keep up to dateListen to SEO Podcast: ~ 1.5 hours per week
Read Newsletters and blogs: 2 hours per week
Attend Meet-ups: 2 hours per month (equals 0.5 hours per week)
6 hours
Step 7: The advanced stuffI haven’t done that yet! I plan to attend the Intro to data science with Python on Datacamp and to grab a copy of the book Javascript for Kids.?
Total hours spent94 hours initially4 hours weekly
Hours spent on my journey into SEO

The grid above doesn’t include all the detours I took when attending classes that didn’t add value to my learning path.

Alright, that’s it. Stay persistent and curious. And send all recommendations to learn SEO my way.

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