How much does linkbuilding in Switzerland cost?

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In an older article (in German) I introduced you to HARO. HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out and is one of my favorite backlink acquisition methods. On HARO, Journalists and Publishers submit requests seeking experts for stories they’re working on.

The other day, a client approached me about HARO not being worth it and that a simple backlink purchase would be more efficient. No. First of all, you should never, ever, ever buy backlinks. It’s classified as link spam and you run the risk of being penalized.
Second, HARO is not that expensive.

Let’s do the math

In spring 2020, I pitched on 10 HARO alerts. I invested 5 hours on that.

A few months later, I saw the result. I received 2 valuable backlinks. Once from with an Ahrefs DA of 89 and once from with an Ahrefs DA of 61.

If I would have charged myself for this service, I would have used my Swiss hourly rate of CHF 130 at that time. 5 hours x CHF 130 equals a total of CHF 650.

We divide the 650 Swiss francs by two because I received two backlinks. CHF 650/ / 2 = CHF 325.

A DA60+ backlink with HARO costs 325 Swiss Francs.

I hope I could convince you of HARO. If I can coach or support you, just write me.

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