How to Filter for URL or Page Path in Looker Studio With GA4 Connector.

This is a quick tutorial to reply to Sandra’s comment on my Looker Studio + organic traffic article.

Her question:

“Hello! How would you create a filter so you can see exclusively one URL data on Looker Studio with the GA4 Connection?”

tl;dr: I’d create a filter for ‘Page path’. 

Let’s take the fictive example, that I’d like to create a table that contains only data for the URL

1. In your Looker Studio add a new table by clicking Add a chart > Table

2. Click on the table and then Setup on the right.

3. Configure the table with the dimension and metric you’d like to see. I chose Page path as dimension and Engagement rate, Conversion and Active users as metric.

A note on Conversion in this report: I’m combining it with the dimension ‘Page path’ and not Landing page. Sadly to date, the Landing page dimension is not yet rolled-out to Looker Studio.
This means, the report will show the conversions, that happened on the specific page.
The page is not necessarily the first page in the session.

4. Scroll down to the filter section (second last).

5. Click Add a filter.

6. Click Create a filter

7. Add a descriptive Name to the filter. I chose Filter ‘page path’ /free-excel-template-seo-audit/

8. Set the filter as follows:

Include  Page path contains ‘/free-excel-template-seo-audit/’

9. Click on Save and you get your filtered data.

Hope it helps. In case of questions, send me a message!

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