Is E-E-A-T also important for websites outside of the YMYL niche?

Last updated on September 21st, 2023.

When working on the SEO: 12 Ways to Improve E-E-A-T for Freelancers article I asked myself if the websites of YMYL are also held to E-E-A-T standards.

I went through Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines.

Judging from them, expertise matters in all topics.

On page 10, Google explains how to rate a wide range of website types. This includes shopping pages, news pages, forum pages, video pages, etc. (see screenshot)

Source: Search Quality Rater Guidelines, p.10.

This leads me to conclude that YMYL websites are held to a higher E-E-A-T standard, but E-E-A-T matters for other types of websites too.

Corina Burri

Corina is a SEO Freelancer from Zürich. Since 2016 she's in SEO and has contributed to publications such as SEOFOMO, Tech SEO Tips, or iPullRank. When not grinding, she enjoys exploring Switzerland with her family.

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