Well, officially, this is my reference page to convince you that I know my craft.
But actually, it’s my not-so-private praise jar. I turn to it when I have a tough day and need to lift my spirits.
Jump down to see what clients say about me.

Social Media mentions

SEO FOMO newsletter by Aleyda Solis

Rich Snippets newsletter by Jamie Indigo (Traffic Think Thank)

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Women in Tech SEO newsletter By Areej AbuAli

Learningseo.io by Aleyda Solis


Client feedback

“Corina gave me lots of information regarding the optimization of my website and introduced me to SEO. I loved that she gave actionable advice which I can put into practice even without budget.”

Natascha Zeller, nutritionist

“High quality translations with a great sense for SEO optimization. Furthermore very fast! Highly recommended.”

Stephanie Falkner, Onlim Media

Very satisfied! Corina responded very quickly, was extremely flexible and has a great understanding of content writing & seo. We will continue to work with her in the future for the copy writing of 2 additional pages. Highly recommended!

Menno Spronkmanns, Schneider Rides

*The amazing dr. fio introduced me to the concept of a praise jar in her newsletter edition #22.