How to remove autogenerated OceanWP schema from WordPress

Last updated on August 25th, 2023.

If you’ve come here, you have probably observed that you have conflicting schema markups on some of your pages. You dug deeper and realized that the OceanWP theme is automatically adding schema to your pages.

I’ve been there!

Here’s how to remove the OceanWP schema:

Time needed: 2 hours

  1. On the WordPress Dashboard click on `Appearance`

  2. Click on `Customize`

  3. Click on `General Options`

  4. Click on `SEO Settings`

  5. Untick the box `Enable Schema Markup`

    screenshot disable schema markup oceanwp

  6. Click on `Publish` and that’s it.

You can now head over to the Schema Validator and verify that the schema has been removed.

Why should you remove OceanWP Schema?

OceanWP Schema is not bad by default! In my case, I wanted to add a more detailed Article / BlogPosting schema with Yoast.
Having conflicting schema could be considered schema spam by Google and I wanted to avoid that.

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Corina Burri

Corina is a SEO professional from Zürich. Since 2016 she's in SEO and has contributed to publications such as SEOFOMO, Tech SEO Tips, or iPullRank. When not grinding, she enjoys exploring Switzerland.

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