How Much Does a Senior Marketing Manager Earn in Switzerland?

Last updated on October 25th, 2023.

Are you a senior marketing professional in Switzerland wondering if you’re being paid fairly? If so, you’re not alone.

Salary transparency is crucial for ensuring that employees are paid what they’re worth.

Knowledge is power, and the more we know about what others in our field are earning, the better equipped we are to negotiate for fair compensation.

To help shed some light on senior marketing roles’ salaries in Switzerland, I conducted a survey with eight female senior marketers from Zurich and Basel.

I sent out a Google form, which participants could complete anonymously. The participants’ titles vary from senior digital marketing manager to senior communications manager to marketing lead. However, for privacy reasons, their job titles are not directly linked to the salary data point in the table.
I conducted the survey in February 2023.

What Is the Salary Range for Female Senior Marketing Manager in Switzerland?

The average base salary for senior marketing professionals in Switzerland is CHF 124’096, the average variable salary is CHF 7’400, and the fringe benefits are worth CHF 2’345 on average.

This leads to an average total compensation of CHF 132’623 which equals a monthly equal of CHF 11’051.92.

Here’s the entire data set.
(Scroll to the right to see entire table.)

Data pointBase compensationVariable compensationFringe benefit monetary valueWhat fringe benefit?Total compensationYears of experienceSize of company
1CHF140,000CHF16,800CHF300Contribution to gym passCHF157,10014500+
2CHF130,000CHF10,000CHF7,800Payment into pillar 2aCHF147,80011500+
3CHF120,000CHF3,000Covering further education costsCHF123,0008500+
4CHF130’000CHF10,000CHF2,733Reka check, supermarket discount, contribution to childcareCHF142,73312500+
6CHF108,767CHF585Halbtax and private use of company phoneCHF109,35213101-500
7CHF106,000CHF1,200Covering non-work related further educationCHF107,20018500+
8CHF128,000CHF15,000CHF800Reka check, Eco bonus if no car useCHF143,80012500+
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The survey participants have an average of 12.8 years of experience in marketing roles and most of the participants work at corporates with more than 500 employees.

How High Is a Typical Bonus for a Senior Marketing Professional?

In Switzerland, some senior marketing professionals receive a variable salary in addition to their base pay. In our survey, the average bonus sum is CHF 7’400.

The range of bonuses offered is significant, with the lowest being zero and the highest reaching CHF 16,800.

Data pointVariable compensation / Bonus
AverageCHF 7,400

There are many factors that influence the bonus, such as years of experience, job performance, company size, and the industry.

What Fringe Benefits Do Employers Offer to Senior Marketing Manager?

Typical fringe benefits for Swiss employees are reka checks (vouchers for Swiss public transport), half-fare card for public transportation, payments into pillar 2a, and coverage for further education costs.

Data pointFringe benefit monetary valueWhat fringe benefit?
1CHF300Contribution to gym pass
2CHF7’800Payment into pillar 2a
3CHF3’000Covering further education costs
Reka check, supermarket discount, contribution to childcare
6CHF585Halbtax and private use of company phone
7CHF1’200Covering non work related further education
8CHF800Reka check, Eco bonus if no car use

«I Need More Data» – Where to Find Further Salary Reports for Switzerland

I’m well aware that a data set of 8 participants is relatively small to be representative. If you wish to see more data on marketing salaries in Switzerland, there are a number of resources you can turn to. Here are some options to consider:

  • BFS Lohnrechner: The Federal Statistical Office’s salary calculator allows you to find out the median salary for various professions in Switzerland, including marketing and advertising. Link:
  • Salarium Plus: This is a salary database that provides information on salaries for a wide range of professions in Switzerland, including marketing and sales. Link:
  • FH Lohn: This website provides salary information and salary comparisons for various professions, including marketing and communication. Link:

To Wrap It Up: Why Is Salary Transparency Important?

Unfortunately, Swiss companies don’t yet have the habit to share their pay range in. But I believe that salary transparency is important in today’s workplace.

By sharing market data, you are better equipped to negotiate for fair compensation and understand your value in the job market.

Additionally, salary transparency can play a crucial role in promoting equality and reducing wage gaps. It creates a more equitable and fair working environment for all.

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