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I’m a member of the Zürich-based lean in circle «Marketing & Comms». At the April meeting, I held a short presentation about SEO. I gave a quick intro and structured the presentation as follows:

  • What is SEO?
  • How does the Google search engine work?
  • Which ranking factors are important? (s of April 2021)
  • Where can you nerd out? (a.k.a literature and blog recommendation)
  • Which free tools will help you doing SEO?

I thought it’s a shame if the slide deck is aging passively in my Dropbox, so I decided to share it with you:

What is SEO? A PowerPoint presentation

It even includes my speaking notes. I hope you can use the slide deck for your personal training, for studies, or teaching. If you feel like buying me a coffee, you can happily do so here:

Sidenote: How to find PowerPoint files on Google search

If you’re searching the web for a specific filetype, there is a handy search operator. Say, for instance, you’re looking for a PowerPoint slide deck about SEO basics. Just type the following query in the search bar:

SEO basics filetype:pptx 

Google will only return results with PowerPoint presentations.

This also works with other file extensions such as pdf, doc for Microsoft Word or xls for Microsoft Excel.

There are a handful of other search operators. I find it very handy to use them. On this Google support site you find an overview.

Have a great day!

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