Local SEO Agency:
Google Business Profile Optimisation for Switzerland based Companies

Hi there 👋 I’m Corina and I run my very own SEO consultancy in Zürich, Switzerland. Part of my services is local SEO. Local SEO is the optimization of your Google Business Profile. This allows you to rank in Google Map pack. Like here ⬇️

Map pack of Zürch for the query ‘Interior Design’

How much does local SEO consulting cost and what does it include?

The optimisation of your Google Business Profile costs CHF 3400.00. It includes the below deliverables:

  • Google Business Profile Audit in Google Spreadsheet
  • Light keyword research for your main business keyword and the top 5 services
  • Personalised action recommendations in Google Docs
  • Text for your business description
  • Text for your service descriptions

Sounds good, can you show me an example?

Below is a sneak peak of what my work will look like:

GMB Audit in Google Sheets
Local SEO Action Plan

Is Google Business Profile optimisation really worth it?

Yes, for local search queries Google Business Profile optimisation offers good value for money.
I’m sharing a success story with you.

After optimising the below Google Business Profile, impressions increased from 40 per month to 77 per month. Compared to the previous year, I realised an increase of 133.3%.

Sweet performance of a GMB profile. Want the same? Would you like the same for your business? Contact me via the Contact Page or LinkedIn.

Do you only consult or do you implement SEO recommendations as well?

For local SEO, I implement most of the recommendations. During the audit, we clearly define who is responsible for which action. Simple recommendations like implementing tracking links or changeing opening hours I will do upfront.

Other actions like business descriptions I coordiate with you as the client. After your approval, I implement them.

What is not included in my standard package:
– Collecting reviews from your clients
– Taking or uploading photos of your business or services

Example of accountability tracking in the recommendations

How does a local SEO collaboration work with you?

The typical process is as follows:

  1. You contact me via my contact form or on LinkedIn.
  2. We exchange information about your business via email or video call. It is important that I understand what you do exactly and how you differentiate yourself from the competition.
  3. I create the contract and the invoice for the prepayment. The prepayment is 30% of the project cost.
  4. You give me access to your Google Business Account.
  5. Once I have received the prepayment, I start working.
  6. Three weeks later, I send you the Excel file documenting the checks and the Word file with the action recommendations.
  7. We discuss the documents at your or my office in Zurich, during a call, or via email.
  8. I implement the recommendations.
  9. You receive the final invoice.

Corina, who are you anyway?

Hello, I’m Corina, an SEO expert from Zurich. I run my own SEO consultancy.

I worked as a marketing lead with a strong SEO focus at a tech startup. Since 2021, I have been freelancing. I am active in the international SEO community, and my articles have been published in renowned newsletters. Additionally, I give presentations on SEO at Swiss conferences like SEOnerdSwitzerland and WordPress Zurich.

So, I know my stuff.

And I’m honest. If I don’t know the answer to an SEO question, I’ll tell you that. Or I will consult my network.

Corina giving an SEO presentation in Bern, Switzerland.