SEO Audit with a Consultant: What Does It Cost and How Long Does It Take?

My SEO audit costs CHF 5475.00.
On this page, I will walk you through the content of the offer and frequently asked questions in relation to my SEO audit offering.

My SEO audit is priced at CHF 5475.00.
This page gives you an overview of my offer and answers frequently asked questions.

No time to read everything? Write to me via the contact page or LinkedIn.

What are the deliverables of the SEO audit with a consultant like you?

After completing my audit, you will receive an Excel spreadsheet documenting all 50+ checks I did on your website.

This is what the Excel spreadsheet looks like:

Screenshot of the technical part of the SEO audit.

Additionally, you will receive a Word document outlining all recommendations, classified by action time and impact.

This is what the Word document of the SEO audit looks like:

Screenshot of the audit report.

The Word document can sometimes be quite long, but that should not worry you. No website is perfect.

I will send you the document by the agreed deadline. You read it through calmly, and then we arrange a meeting.

In the meeting, you ask me questions about the audit, and I will explain the most important action points again.

If you prefer to work via email or with comments in the document, that is also very welcome.

What access do you as a consultant need to conduct an SEO audit?

Ideally, I will have access to your Google Search Console and your Analytics account. I am very experienced with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

If you cannot give me access to Google Search Console and Analytics programs, I can also create the audit without access. However, I will have to exclude some questions regarding the indexing of the site in the audit.

I don’t need access to your CMS.

Which areas are covered in your SEO Audit?

My SEO audit include tech SEO, on-page SEO of the homepage and a blog post, review of your E-E-A-T signals, and off-page SEO.

How Long Does It Take for the SEO Audit to Be Completed?

It takes three weeks from contract signing until I have completed the audit. Usually, clients then take one week to study the documents.

I believe this process is faster than with a traditional SEO agencies. The advantage of working with an independent SEO consultant is that you collaborate directly with the service provider. There is no account manager in between. Communication is fast and easy.

What Is the Exact Process of the SEO Audit Project?

  1. You write to me via my contact form or on LinkedIn.
  2. We exchange emails or have a video call about the timing of the audit.
  3. I create the contract and invoice for the prepayment. The prepayment is 30% of the project.
  4. You give me access to Google Search Console and your analytics program.
  5. Once I have received the prepayment, I get to work.
  6. Three weeks later, I send you the Excel sheet documenting the checks and the Word file with the recommended actions.
  7. We discuss the documents at your office or mine in Zurich, via a call or email.
  8. You receive the final invoice.

If you want, I can also help implement the recommended actions. This is done on an hourly basis at CHF 190.

What toosl do you as a consultant use for the audit?

I use the premium version of Screaming Frog for crawling the website. I use Google Search Console to check indexing and I use SERanking for search volumes and technical checks.

Corina, who are you anyway?

Hello, I am Corina. An SEO expert since 2016.

I worked as a Marketing Lead with a strong SEO focus at a tech startup. Since 2021, I have been freelancing. I am active in the international SEO scene, and my articles have been published in renowned newsletters. I also give talks on SEO at Swiss conferences such as SEOnerdSwitzerland or WordPress Zurich.

So, I know my stuff.

And I am honest. If I don’t know the answer to an SEO question, I will tell you. Or I will consult my network.

This is what I look like.

Further Questions About the SEO Audit.

Do you audit also enterprise companies?

Yes, I also conduct audits for enterprise and e-commerce websites. Write to me for a quote.

Why should I do an SEO audit of my website?

Usually, the SEO audit takes place at the beginning of a project. If you’re looking to establish SEO as a marketing channel in your company, it’s recommended to conduct an audit to identify areas for improvement and assess the potential. Here are some other common scenarios where an audit is beneficial:
– SEO audit after migration
– SEO audit after launching the website
– SEO audit after changing the marketing management
– SEO audit after a Google algorithm update and in the case of organic traffic loss.

How often should I do an SEO audit?

It depends on how many people are working on your website. If you’re alone, then a one-time audit is sufficient. In our discussion, I’ll advise you on what to focus on in the future.
However, if you have a larger team consisting of content writers, developers, and marketing professionals, then an annual audit is worthwhile. This ensures that no mistakes have occurred. Incorrectly setting a ‘noindex’ tag can have negative consequences.

For which CMS do you offer a SEO audit?

The CMS is not important for the SEO audit. I audit all websites.

SEO audit for free: Do you do that too? 🙂

I plan to give away three short audits for the launch of my GmbH. Follow me on LinkedIn or register for my newsletter to not miss out on the opportunity.