SEO Retainer in Switzerland: Price and Content

Do you want someone to take complete care of your SEO? Then the monthly SEO retainer is for you.

The retainer costs CHF 5130.00 per month.

I recommend a duration of 12 months. SEO takes time, and in 12 months, we can make a difference.

Content of monthly SEO retainer

The ongoing SEO consultancy is tailored to your business goals. Here is an example of what a monthly retainer might include.

Month 1– SEO Audit
– Definition of the SEO Strategy
Month 2– Implementation of Google Search Console
– Creation of a Dashboard in Google Looker Studio
Month 3– Local SEO: Google Business Profile for two locations
Month 4– Technical SEO improvements, e.g., correction of hreflang
– Quarterly reporting
Month 5– Keyword research
– Localization of landing pages for Switzerland
Month 6– Optimization of your landing pages
– Optimization of internal linking
Month 7– Content briefing for 2 blog articles
– Training of the editorial team
Month 8– Backlink building
– Quarterly reporting
Month 9– Review of blog articles from an SEO perspective
Month 10– Technical SEO improvements such as schema markup
Month 11– Content briefing for three blog articles
Month 12– Correction of meta descriptions
– Final reporting
Example content of a monthly SEO retainer

Is the SEO retainer worth it?

Yes! The SEO retainer is worth it for three reasons:

  1. Results: Here is an example result of a website I have managed:
Printscren SEO Resultat

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Continuous management is needed. However, once you have a solid foundation (good content, correct technical setup, links), the positive results add up.

2. Peace of Mind: I am an SEO expert with over 8 years of experience. I only do SEO and nothing else. I know what I am doing.
3, Accountability Partner: My clients appreciate the shared deadlines and external feedback, as the following testimonial (in German) from a client shows:

Screenshot message of SEO client

Together, progress can be made, and collaboration helps avoid SEO procrastination.

What is the process of an ongoing SEO consulting?

  1. In an initial consultation, we discuss your brand, SEO history, and goals in detail. (You can book an initial consultation directly through my Calendly.)
  2. We both consider whether a collaboration makes sense.
  3. If we agree, I will create the contract and invoice for the prepayment. The prepayment is 30% of the project.
  4. You give me access to your Google Search Console and Google Analytics account.
  5. I get to work and first conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of your website.
  6. Three weeks later, I will send you the results and the proposed action plan.
  7. In a meeting, we go through my recommendations and agree on the work content for the first four months.

Where and how often will we meet to discuss the SEO project?

We can determine the frequency of meetings together. Some prefer synchronous (calls, in-person meetings) work. Others prefer asynchronous work. I will adapt to you. As mentioned above, I recommend a meeting after the SEO audit to refine the work package for the first months.

We can meet either in person in Zurich or online.

What do you expect from us as clients?

We will discuss your involvement in the SEO project at the beginning of the SEO retainer. The more resources you can invest, the faster results will be visible. For example, if you actively engage in PR, this is valuable for SEO and positively influences the results.

Who is the SEO consultant on the project?

You will work directly with me, Corina Burri. During the introductory call, contract creation, and audit – always.

If I involve an external expert, I will inform you. Typically, this is in the case of content creation.

SEO Expert Corina Burri

See you soon?