SEO Training in Switzerland with a local SEO professional

I offer on-site SEO training in Zürich, Bern, Basel, and St.Gallen or virtual training across the globe. The held the workshops in German, English, or Spanish. On this product page, I share the package and will answer the below questions:

screenshot online SEO training
Online SEO training
In person training in Zürich in German

Who is the target audience of SEO training?

In the last years, I could observe the following audience being interested in my training:

  • Business owners who don’t have time to spend many hours on SEO blogs to learn the topic. Yet they want to understand the holistic concept of SEO and ask tailored questions that are important to position their business.
  • Marketing agency owners who would like to upskill their team members from PR, PPC or offline marketing.
  • In-house teams who juggle SEO as one of many disciplines and would like to level up and verify “if they are doing it right”.

If you don’t match the above persona, don’t worry. Let’s find out if I’m able to help you. Email me, or if you have more time, complete my SEO training questionnaire.

What is the content of SEO training package with Corina?

My half-day training package includes the following:

  • 30-minute discovery call to understand your needs for the training
  • Tailored training documentation for you. I will use your website as an example as we go through the training.
  • 3.5 hours of in-person SEO training.
  • Room for up to 4 participants in Zürich.

How much does an SEO training cost?

The training comes at CHF 3700.00 This goes for onsite sessions in Switzerland as well as remote sessions internationally.

How many participants can join the training?

There is no limit. Normally it is between three to six participants. I find it a good number because it offers interactivity and I can reply to questions tailored to your business.

Who will lead the SEO training?

I’m Corina Burri. Nice to e-meet you. I’m a freelance SEO consultant from Switzerland. I worked in Zürich, Basel, Biel and St.Gallen. And I have been in SEO since 2016. I have seen many websites and studied countless hours of SEO material. When booking a training with me you get access to 8 years of knowledge condensed in one brain.

I’m straightforward. If I don’t know the answer to a question, I will not make anything up.