Toolstack for Freelance Work (in Switzerland)

I wanted to publicly document the toolstack I use since forever.
But as it is with projects for myself… they tend to get pushed down at the bottom of the to do list.

And then last week, I landed on Silvan Hagen’s /uses page. It motivated me to finally give it a go.

Few of the below links are affiliate links. Which means I may get a few cents, a bit more storage or 2 weeks for free, if you decide to follow the link and then even go with the product.

SEO Tools

Fullstack SEO tool: SERanking – My go-to tool for keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking. I tested a couple of others, never looking back.

SEO on-page analysis: SEO META in 1 CLICK – Chrome extension which shows H1, H2, Alt tag, image size in one click. For free, easy to use.

Image compression: Squoosh – Browser-based app to reduce file size and maintain high image quality. It’s brilliant.

AI for SEO: Chat GPT fo a couple of SEO tasks


Hosting: Hosttech – Swiss hosting provider. Good value for money, fast support.

CMS: – The one and only open source CMS.

Content Writing: Notion – In Notion I write and edit blog posts before I copy the content into the CMS. I love the fact that I can drag and drop paragraphs around.

Digital Analytics

Ad blocker: ublock origin – Free and easy to use. I mainly use it to not delute the stats of my website with my own visits.

Debugger: ObservePoint – I use it to test and debug my digital analytics set-up.


Bookkeeping: Abaninja – Bookkeeping tool for offers, invoices, and expenses. I’m with the free plan which is sufficient if you only need one user. They only operate in Switzerland.

Folks paying me: Buymeacoffee – To receive donations for your creator projects.

Project Management

Task tracking: Trello – To keep track of current tasks.

Documentation: Notion – Easy to use interface to document processes.

Print screen tool: Shottr – When my Skitch stopped working I was looking for a new screnshot tool. I tested many of them and am very glad Silvan recommended me Shottr. You could even use it completely for free. I dontaed and received a lifetime licence.

Time tracking: Toogl – Free version does the trick for me. Very happy customer here.

File sharing: Dropbox – Business plan. I love the integration of Google Docs.


Scheduling: Calendly – Forget the “When are you available…” emails. With calendly it’s easy to schedule 1:1 calls.

Digital meeting room: Whereby – They have a free plan which is sufficient if you’re just a handful of participants. I particularrly like, that the meeting URL stays the same forever and you don’t have to send around links.


Navigation on Mac: Alfred – I don’t even know which category I should put this in. I use Alfred to navigate to folders on Mac, to calculate, to create new text files, to translate, to resize images… And I guess I’m just using 5% of what the app could do. If anyone fancies giving me a tutorial, please do 🙂. Shout-out to Benny for sharing this with me.

Endless clipboard. Jumpcut – The tool remembers the last 99 Ctrl+C’s you made. Brilliant.

Screen split: Window collage – Get split window with must a couple of keyboard shortcuts.