SEO Audit

I audit the SEO standard of small and medium websites. In this blog post, I summed up what an SEO audit with me includes. You will receive a detailed spreadsheet outlining the SEO issues of your site. If you wish, I will walk you through the audit and answer your questions about SEO in a 1-hour call.

Languages: I conduct the audit either in English, Spanish, or German.

Price: CHF 940 for a website with a scope of up to 30 sites

Content Writing

I write insightful content for your blog.
Before starting to write, I conduct thorough keyword research and speak to customers to get a deep understanding of the topic.

  • sustainable living (I lived entirely plastic-free for 6 months.)
  • language learning (I speak 7 languages myself.)
  • work-life-balance (It’s a daily balancing act between work and family life)

Languages: I write in German, my native language. 

Price: CHF 130 per hour