Onboarding form for new SEO client

Steal my onboarding form for new SEO clients. It’s a Google form which is structured in the below categories
– About your SEO
– About your company
– About your tool stack

printscreen client onboarding form

Below is the questionnaire I ask new SEO clients to fill out – ideally before the discovery call.

About your SEO

What is the reason you are looking to invest in SEO?
e.g. “Our competitor outranked us” / “We are launching a new business area” / “We need external expertise to manage current SEO workload”

Can you tell me about any previous or current SEO work? 
What has been done in the last years? Did you work with an agency? Do you have an in-house team?

What keywords do you want to rank for?
If it is more than 10 keywords, feel free to send me a list via email
Also, if you don’t know the keywords yet, we can figure it out together. 

Which countries are you targeting?

About your company

How does your company make money?

What is the USP of your company?

Is there a specific product you’d like to focus on?

What is the conversion goal of your digital marketing strategy? (e.g. “We want the user to download whitepaper” / “We want user to send us a contact form” / “We focus on branding”)

About the team

Who will I be liaising with during the project?
(Name & Role) 

Do you have a developer who can implement technical recommendations? 

Does your team have the capacity and is interested in writing content? 
Don’t worry if not. I work with skilled writers from my network.

About your tool stack

Do you already have Digital Analytics and SEO tools implemented? 
e.g. Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console, Ahrefs,

What is your Content Management System (CMS)?
e.g. WordPress, Adobe Experience Manager, Wix, etc.

Link to file

I hope it saves you an hour of work today. Feel free to buy me a coffee on buymeacoffee.com/corinaburri

Corina Burri

Corina is a SEO professional from Zürich. Since 2016 she's in SEO and has contributed to publications such as SEOFOMO, Tech SEO Tips, or iPullRank. When not grinding, she enjoys exploring Switzerland with her family.

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